Digicode - Network Solutions


Networking is at the heart of many businesses, both large and small. As the importance (and size) of your network grows, it is important to upgrade and maintain it.

Digicode offers a variety of services taylored to each customer's needs, ranging from management and security consultation to design and implementation strategies.

Whether your company needs are managing a large network infrastructure, building servers for general internet services (DNS, www, mail) or specialty services (site mirroring, firewalls and network back-up services) Digicode has a solution.

We offer a number of services for clients throughout the city of San Francisco with a focus on the planning and implementation of networks for small to medium sized companies and organizations.

Whether you need a small office LAN with Internet connectivity or point-to-point connections between multiple offices, we can help.

If you are interested in consultation for a custom solution, please inquire via email